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How does ECKBERT work? FAST!

Eckbert has the largest group of lawyers in Slovenia and Europe. It can be used to find legal help for any legal problem. As soon as your problem is published in the app, your problem is delivered to the relevant legal experts who will reply to your question and offer their help.

How can I help with your legal problems?

I can help you find quick legal advice in Slovenia as well as abroad

1) Any legal question raised  will be presented to the relevant group of legal experts

2) Answers are received.  Practicly in no time lawyers will reply to your question and will offer their help.

3) You choose the suitable offer for you on base of answers and different offers received.


Why Eckbert?

ECKBERT is the fastest way to your legal problem solution.

Legal advice

Anytime and anywhere you can ask for legal advice to solve your problems.

Free to use

Transparent, no hidden fees, ECKBERT app is free to use.

Large database of lawyers

All relevant lawyers according to your preferences will be acquainted with your legal problem.

relevant legal solution

Get more relevant offers for your legal problem and decide which lawyer to entrust your case.

All in one

With Eckbert you have a complete overview of your case. 


Your legal problem and personal data are 100% confidential, secure and encrypted.

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In Lisbon, from November 4th till November 7th 2019, we will present the platform Eckbert. The project will be presented to 2000 journalists out of 160 countries as well as 11,000 company managers. ...
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Lex Futura became a ...

Lex Futura became a ...

We are pleased to announce that we have become a regular member of the Technology Park Ljubljana. Connection through the Technology Park Ljubljana is in our vision one of the first steps of ...
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