Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Your personal data are, in LEX FUTURA, engineering for legal informational technologies, d.o.o., dealt in accordance with Slovenian and European legislation concerning the security of the personal data, which means fair, secure and understandable for you. We are well aware of our responsibility for your personal data, therefore the following chapters display all the key information on their data processing.


Manager of the personal data: company LEX FUTURA engineering for legal – informational technologies d.o.o. (later herein: LEX FUTURA or the manager). 

Address (seat: Tehnološki park 21, 1000 Ljubljana)



You can contact us in writing by e-mail on the address for any question, information, rights empowering or demand concerning the processing of the personal data. 


Your personal data are processed in accordance with one of the six possible legal basis of DIRECTIVE (EU) 2016/79 by EU PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL, dated April 27, 2016 on individual`s security, dealing with the personal data and on the free use of such data as well as an invalidation of the DIRECTIVE 95/46 ES (later herein: GENERAL DIRECTIVE on DATA SECURITY or GDPR). Concerning: agreement conclusion and, or execution a contract, legal obligations, protection of life important interests of an individual, public interests, legal interests of the manager or third parties in the necessary size and duration, necessary for the execution of the intention for which the personal data have been acquired. 


Your personal data are processed with the intention of the contract conclusion and for fulfilling our obligation out of the mutual contractual relationship. Therefore we deal with the following data processing:

The processing of demand, offer preparation, new contract conclusion or the change of the contract relationship, shipment and final calculation of services or goods according to the contract, issuing or payment of the invoices, management of the payments, solving the inquiries, advising the membership of the possible condition changes or the changes of the legislation as well as for other similar reasons necessary for conclusion or execution of any contractual detail.

The data can be obtained either by yourself directly, from public sources or relevant and authorized public institutions. In view of executing the mutual contractual relationship your personal data are processed also to ensure you quality and on-time information relevant for you, for example:

on claims due to the reason of unpaid obligations and other information necessary for the contractual relationship execution.

For the contract conclusion and its execution the following personal data are needed:

name, family name, address, phone number, e-mail (acquired before the contract conclusion and in the course of its execution), transaction account number, etc.

On this legal basis we also process the personal data of the individuals (identification and contact data, status at the employer`s, etc). In the field of goods and services sale turnover among the companies which are either underwriters, trustees or executors of the contract concluded with us. 

Personal data processed on the basis of the contract conclusion or its execution can be stored for the purpose of fulfillment of the contractual obligations but not after the due date of an individual claim. Invoices are stored ten years after the year they were issued. 


Your personal data are being processed on the basis of valid legislation in the field of consumer security, personal data security, electronic communication, obligation, and tax management as well as other laws we have to take into consideration as the manager. 


Your personal data are processed on the basis of legal interest, the presence and justification of which can be justified on the basis of the estimation that your interests and rights do not prevail over the manager`s interests of the personal data and that while the collecting of the personal data is in progress you can reasonably expect that they will be processed for the purpose of your interest only. Therefore we perform the following activities:

The marketing is performed by direct communication by which we send different information on the latest news concerning our offer of products and services to our existing and potential clients. For that purpose, we process the personal data acquired by our legal activity in the process of your registration, your purchase of goods or services, or by public sources such as name, family name, address, phone number, e-mail, etc. As an individual, you have the right to object such processing including the right to perform the profile in case it is connected with marketing. You can cancel your consent for further processing and you can demand the annulation of your personal data and stop the marketing. On the bottom of any e-message with marketing contents, you can find your rights, guidelines and the link for canceling the marketing by e-messaging. 

We collect and store the information in a database of your computer comprising your IP, date and time of your visit and other data, in accordance with the description of cookies to optimize the internet sites or applications in the sense of system efficiency and ensuring useful information on our services. These data are used for efficient management of the internet sites, to provide a better overview of interests for individual offers, for the optimization and the improvement of the users` experience, our offer, and services, etc. The data collected are analyzed on the basis of the legal interest. In no way, the data are processed to identify yourself, neither to apply an individual offer for you or to profile you for the purpose of personal marketing. Internet sites and interactive applications can use cookies for their activity. There is more specific information on the link.


Your personal data are processed and stored as long as necessary to fulfill the intention or legal terms, or until the final term preliminary defined in each case, or until your cancelation of consent is received. Any time you can contact us and ask for the storage final term of any special data in your domain. 


Your personal data can be processed only on the basis of your consent, given for exactly defined and known purposes in advance. In that way, you expressed your decision clearly and undoubtedly. Such consent can be given for e-news applications or information on the offer of our products and services, as well as delivering the offers. The consent can be canceled or changed at any time. Your decision can be carried out on the special spot on your computer, or you inform us about your decision in written by e-mail or by letter to the address of the seat of our company. In case you do not cancel your consent we shall use your data until the final term you have been previously informed of. 


The majority of the management and data processing of your personal data has been processed in our company. In view of performing our services, fulfilling our legal obligations, activities in the range of our legal interests as well as the services on basis of your consent, your personal data are processed to a minor extent by some other users. All the individuals` personal data are not revealed to the same outside manager, so, you can contact us for detailed information on the user of your personal data. 

The users or managers of your personal data can be for example: computer companies offering the computer support, banks managing the accounts, post office dealing with postal services for our products, internet site or service operators, public institutions in case of implementation of legal rights and obligations, as well as others, offering different services on basis of contractual relationship for personal data security and management (contractual processors). 


The personal data collections are processed within the Republic of Slovenia and are generally not exported to the third countries. 

In case your personal data is exceptionally exported to a third country, we shall carry out it only after a careful revision of the legislation and security measures in that third country. 


Majority information has been processed digitally by ourselves. Nevertheless, all the decisions concerning contractual relationship, defining the rights and obligations, legal decision-making are dealt with by our personnel on the basis of the information acquired. 


The constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, GENERAL DIRECTIVE on the PERSONAL DATA SECURITY (GDPR) and European legislation, as well as Slovenian national legislation, ensure your rights in the domain of the personal data security. As far as our mutual cooperation is concerned you are entitled to the following rights :

  • the right of being informed about the data processing of your personal data, 
  • the right of your access to your personal data (which means that you are given a confirmation in case your personal data are processed and if so, the access to those data as well as the intent of the processing, sort of data being processed, the users of the data, the possibility of changing the data or cancelling the processing and other rights in this connection, the right to appeal concerning the processing or sources of data),
  • the right of the copies of the personal data under our processing, 
  • the right for correction (when your personal data do not meet those given or they change afterward or should be supplemented),
  • the right for annulment (means that we annul your personal data in our processing in case the legal conditions are fulfilled such as no processing is necessary any longer, if you cancel your consent when no other legal basis exists, or other laws demand the annulment, 
  • the right for the limitation of the processing (you can limit the processing in case the exactitude of the data is in question; in the same time you do not wish the data annulled if the data are not used for the primary intent; the legal reasons prevent the annulment in cause of the decision-making concerning your objection to the processing),
  • the right for data transfer (you have the right to receive your personal data in structured, generally used and readable form,
  • the right for objection (means that you can object the processing of your personal data in the basis of public or legal interests of the manager. If your personal data are used for marketing purpose you have the right to object the personal data processing any time). 

We shall ensure you the information on measures taken concerning your personal data processing on your demand, defined in articles 15 to 22 of the General Directive for Personal Data Security (GDPR) without delay or more exactly in one month since the date of your exact demand the latest. Only exceptionally, the final term can be prolonged to two months, the most in case of a large volume of the information, and considering the complexibility and the number of the demands. In such a case you will be advised of the reasons for the delay. If you present your demand in electronic form we shall ensure the information in the electronic form (if it is possible), except you demand a different form of the information. 

In case of the violation of the personal data security or in case the violation might have caused great risk for your rights, you would be informed (advised) without delay. 


It is your right to appeal to Supervisory Board without implementing any other legal or institutional means, especially in the member state where you are resident and work or in the member state where the violation allegedly arose, if according to your conviction the processing of your personal data violate the definitions of the General Directive on Personal Data Security (GDPR) or Slovenian legislation concerning the personal data security. 

Supervisory Board where the appeal is filed, will inform you on the state of the matter as well as the decision taken including the possibility of the use of the legal means on basis of Article 78 GDPR. 

In Slovenia, the authorization to deal with the legal means for personal data security is given to Information Commissioner who will inform you of his decision according to the valid legislation. 

Your appeal can be filed to:

Republic of Slovenia
Information Commissioner
Dunajska 22
1000 Ljubljana

tel: 01 230 97 30


Ljubljana, 07.10.2019