Cookie policy

Cookie policy

The manager of this internet site is company Lex Futura d.o.o., Tehnološki park 21, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

What are the cookies?

The cookies are small wordy databases, stored in the machines by the majority of internet sites, and used by users for access to the internet to identify the user s machine. Their storage is under the total control of the user's browser. The user can limit or disable the storage of the cookies. The cookies are harmless and are always time-limited. The cookies do not contain any data to identify you.

The cookies are usually automatically accepted by the majority of browsers. In case you do not wish to accept or, in case you wish to be informed before the cookie is stored on your computer you will define your wish in the browser settings.  

What are the cookies necessary for?

They are important to ensure user-friendly websites. The interaction between the web-user and web internet site is simpler and faster by using the cookies. By using the cookies the internet site remembers the preferences and the experiences of an individual which is important for saving time and browsing the internet sites are more friendly and more efficient.

In the website production, the use of internet cookies is normal and desired. By using the cookies the higher level of services is possible like registration storage, use of the online store, preventing the excess advertisement showing, etc. without the use of cookies, it would not be possible to measure the attendance on the website.

Some cookies are necessary for the web-site operation whilst, the others are stored only after your agreement is received. Later herein the guidelines are written on, how to remove some cookies by clicking the link of the browser in your use.

The cookies already stored will remain stored after your rejection, only the new ones will not be stored. The remaining cookies will be removed, when the validity of the cookie lapses.

In accordance with their function, the cookies can be categorized into four categories: essential cookies, implementation cookies, functional cookies, cookies for the intention of marketing.

Essential cookies

The essential cookies are necessary for your activity on the website and your use of its function. It is impossible to ensure its functionality without essential cookies, for example, your activity on the web-site ( the input of a text or configuration ) is preserved, even though you browse other websites. 

Functional cookies

By functional cookies, the storage of guaranteed details is ensured ( for example the choice of additional equipment in configuration). They offer improved more personal functions. The functional cookies are used for example to ensure the functions like playing the videos. These cookies collect anonymous information; they cannot follow your browsing on other websites.

Implementation cookies

Implementation cookies collect the information on the way the website is used (for example which web-sites are more often used by a visitor and if the visitor receives the messages on the mistakes. These cookies do not store any information on the user's identification. The information collected will be unified and analyzed in an anonymous form. These cookies are used exclusively for website activity improvement and the improvement of the user's experience.

Cookies for the marketing intention 

The cookies for the marketing intention are used to acquire the advertisements, important for some users and are adapted to their interests. They are also used to limit the frequency of the advertisements and for efficiency validation of the advertisement activity. They register whether you have visited the website or not. The cookies to improve the connection to a certain audience and to improve the advertisement are frequently connected to the functions of third parties.

Cookies used on our web-site

Cookie name

Cookie description and its intention

Default Expiration Time



Own cookies


Functional cookie for storing the user's consent on the use of the webpage.

60 days

Owner of the website


Analytical cookies


Analytical cookie. Used to distinguish users and sessions. The cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics.

2 years

Google Analytics


Analytical cookie. Used to determine new sessions/visits. The cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics.

30 minutes

Google Analytics


Analytical cookie. This cookie is operated in conjunction with the __utmb cookie to determine whether the user was in a new session/visit.

End of browser session

Google Analytics


Analytical cookie. Stores the traffic source or campaign that explains how the user reached your site.

6 months

Google Analytics


Analytical cookie. Used to store visitor-level custom variable data. The cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics.

2 years

Google Analytics

Giving the Consent and Denial of Consent for the Particular Type of the Cookies

The users are given the possibility to decide on acceptance or the denial of the particular type of cookies. In case one has given the consent on cookies, but afterward changes one's mind, one can cancel the consent in the same way it has been given.

Disabling the cookies by setting the browser

The majority of the browsers are set to receive the cookies automatically. The majority of the browsers enable the users to set the mode of storing the cookies. By disabling the cookies the website will not function normally, or in other words, its functionalities will be disabled.

The guidelines for the settings could be found:

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

Disabling the Google Analytics Cookies

To prevent downloading Google Analytics cookies you can download the addition for the browser: the plug-in for prevention of downloading Google Analytics cookies.

The rights concerning the Security of Personal Data Processing

Any information concerning your rights, legal basis, intentions and terms of storage of the personal data as well as the processing of the personal data can be found in our Privacy Policy.